Silver Lining Playbook: Movie Review – “I reckon David O. Russell could shine a turd”

Finally I got to watch this movie. The Oscars and The Golden globes have been very generous towards this flick. De Niro for best supporting actor, Lawrence for best supporting actress, Cooper for best actor, Best Screenplay and David O Russell for best Director.

Whats the verdict? Welcome to the party De Niro, see you can still perform at the top level. This is for sure his best work for a while, I was hating myself for being so horrid toward him over recent years, and it was only out of love, because I was a big fan of his earlier work. Here he play the role of the loving father perfectly, he has the caring soft side mixed with don’t fuck with me side that he keeps in check, as he has to more times than not when dealing with his bipolar son. Let’s not get too carried away though, it’s not outstanding by any means; it should be the type of performances he should be putting in on a regular basics.

When you waiting for one! Two come along at once. Bradley Cooper decides also that he was going to have a go to at this acting they’re talking about. This is the first time that I can say that I have not wanted stick my head in the TV and wipe that smug grin of Coopers face. The only criticism of the bipolar character he was playing was that is kept switching of at times, I’m pretty sure in real life there is no on/off switch. I still think he will still be type cast as the former jock in the future for a few more years yet, but he definitely showed he’s up for a challenge.

There’s nothing that needs to be said about Jenifer Lawrence! As always she has a transfixion like status when she’s on the screen, I just find myself totally absorbed in her presence. Maybe it’ because I like shinny things! She’s got the shiniest face I’ve ever seen, I guess that’s that youthful glow.  She is definitely the strongest character in the movie and border line worthy of an Oscar shout.

Even Chris Tucker shows up and his likable! Seriously guys what is going on, maybe David O. Russell does deserve best Director.




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