George Galloway fights for families and against Teresa Mays rules

Oppose the new family immigration rules

George Galloway has been campaigning against the new Family Immigration rules that effectively put a price on marriage and children. The rules are highly discriminatory against those without wealth. Here is the motion that he has laid before Parliament:

That this House notes that the new family immigration rules impose a minimum earnings requirement of £18,600 (with an additional £3,800 for the first child and £2,400 for each additional child) in respect of partners (and children) from outside the European Union to join their partners (and parents) resident in the UK; further notes that the ‘sponsoring’ partner is subject to enforced separation in that s/he is required to work in the United Kingdom for at least six months before the application can be made; further notes that the new immigration rules are to be challenged in the Administrative Court in Birmingham from 5th to 8th February 2013; believes that the new immigration rules are irrational and discriminate against British citizens, those settled in the United Kingdom and or those with refugee or humanitarian protection leave on grounds including gender and race/ethnicity; that the new rules are preventing British and settled families on lower incomes from being reunited with and enjoying family life with their non-EEA family members contrary to the European Convention on Human Rights and other international instruments; calls on the government to immediately withdraw that aspect of the new family immigration rules which impose the minimum earnings requirement reverting back to the predecessor rule which adequately ensured that there was no recourse to public funds.

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