Argo: Movie Review – This is the best bad idea by far

Ben Affleck sure is starting to make a good name for himself as a director and it’s well deserved too. This is his third motion picture and by far the best yet. Now that’s a big statement because his first two were great movie, especially Gone Baby gone, I put that up there as one of the best debuts from a director. He definitely knows what he is doing behind the camera. He made a movie that could easily have been tricky to catch the eye, but he made it look effortless. The script was superb, not once did it lose itself, the dialogue was sharp and crisp. I was totally sucked into the story the whole way through, talk about tenterhooks at the end.

My stomach was in knots from the suspense, that doesn’t happen too often nowadays from a movie.

It’s a shame 2012 was such a great year for movies because he would definitely been in with a shout for best director any other year. I think he will be back in the future with something even more impressive.




6 thoughts on “Argo: Movie Review – This is the best bad idea by far”

  1. Aside from the edge of your seat story which was solidly delivered it also gives one of the best new catch phrases “Argo F yourself”.

  2. Dude. Wake up. He’s already won the Best Director and Best Movie for Argo at the Golden Globes and Critics Choice. And he’s nominated for the Oscar too in both categories. He’s already there.

  3. Yep. Affleck missed out on a Best Director nomination at the Oscars. But judging him only on the basis of Oscar nominations is silly. Specially when he’s already broken the ice with the other very very respectable awards.

    And Argo, in general, has 7 Oscar nominations. That’s some feat.

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