Bangkok fire in the Ratchathewi area

This is the first time I have witnessed a fire in Bangkok,it was interesting to say the least,I had just finished some shopping at Bobae market which is the best kept secret in Bangkok,it’s were all the market traders buy their goods,a lot of the prices are half of what you will pay anywhere else in Bangkok.

So as I left I waved down a taxi to take me to the sky train,the first three refused to take me because of this fire,finally one agreed,as we started to get closer to the fire I saw more and more fire engines come flying past,then to my amazement I saw a fire fighter on a moped carrying a fire extinguisher on his back like a back pack.

As we drove past there were hundreds of people surrounding the fire that was burning a house to the ground,no area’s cleared,just every man and his dog watching the entertainment from 15 yards,I do love Bangkok.



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