Lincoln (2012) Movie review – I wanted to like it….

I wanted it to be great,I learnt a great deal about this historic man but as a movie it never really got going in my opinion.

The first few stories that Lincoln (Daniel day Lewis) told were gripping and fascinating,the ability Lincoln had to a steal a man’s breath and deliver a unique outlook on life was invigorating.

But,there is something missing,I can’t fault Daniel Day Lewis,the supporting cast were on par but I felt with this great man the director(Spielberg) or the script writer could have created more excitement throughout,in the end the movie motors along like a wet fart until it eventually runs out of air.




5 thoughts on “Lincoln (2012) Movie review – I wanted to like it….”

  1. Got to remember that wet fart line LOL. I gave it a six and turns out I disagreed with Oscar noms again as in this case I thought it was Sally Field that brought it down. Funny I just noticed that my review of Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter is in the next set of reviews below my Lincoln review.

  2. Yes I thought Sally was depressing whenever on screen,I know the the subject wasn’t exactly laugh out loud stuff but I thought it really lacked any kind sparkle,I think it was directed with winning an Oscar in mind

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