This is 40 (2012) Movie review – Top cast but boring & depressing film

This is a hard one,I like most of the cast and their dialogue in general is funny,I just don’t think the subject matter is that funny.

So the premise is I am getting old and I don’t like it,for the first few minutes it’s OK,but fast forward twenty minutes and I feel like am listening to a bunch of old ladies in a tea room.

This couple were entertaining in knocked up because they were on screen for twenty minutes max’,they represented a reality that most couples can relate to,now they share the screen for two hours plus I want to divorce myself from watching the pair of them as I feel like I have taken part in a miserable / depressing experience.


I hope they continue to make comedies in the future but please choose a subject matter that people want to laugh about,this movie was just like a ”40 year old virgin” but without the humour or the interest.




6 thoughts on “This is 40 (2012) Movie review – Top cast but boring & depressing film”

  1. Agreed. This movie was hampered by excessive running time and a lack of funny material. And they threw Megan Fox in there b/c they knew they were running out of corners to hide in lol. A disappointment for me for sure.

  2. I’m near giving up on situation comedies. They seem to gear to a drugged out air head audience that don’t know intelligent comedy

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