The impossible (2012) Movie review – Yes I cried !

I went into this movie thinking it would try it’s best to pull at my heart-strings and in turn I would watch with my arms crossed blinking off any sense that I may be about to blub(cry).

Well I failed, it’s the first movie that has made me cry since – Who will love my children (1983)

I wasn’t expecting it, I felt relaxed in the knowledge that my emotions will be kept in tact but each time this families nightmare continued to get worse I found myself blubbing even more, as I turned to my wife I noticed the streams of tears running down her cheeks.

Naomi Watts and Ewan McGregor were outstanding, at no point did I doubt what was happening on the screen,I believed in both actors and felt completely hypnotised by their performance.

9 / 10



3 thoughts on “The impossible (2012) Movie review – Yes I cried !”

  1. I absolutely loved this movie too. Cried throughout. Just when I thought it would get better, something else would happen and I would start tearing again. Glad to get a male’s perspective of this movie.

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