Flight (2012) Movie review – Blah Denzel

I like Denzel, he is always impressive when ever he goes on a rant and has the ability to capture and steal a scene.

He plays an airline pilot who has a drink problem,you can imagine the fun that prevails…,the story is interesting without it being thrilling,as much as I enjoy Denzel I found myself losing interest quickly,it just felt like a safe performance from Mr Washington,when you compare people such as Nicolas Cage who have took playing a drunk to a new level,Denzels performance kind of leaves you non plussed.

John Goodman’s cameo appearance was pure joy which made me wish the camera followed his character each time he left the room.

OK, but forgettable.



5 thoughts on “Flight (2012) Movie review – Blah Denzel”

  1. They claimed it wasn’t a message movie but it clearly was a heavy laden one. While the message was admirable it was no Days of Wine and Roses. Agreed forgetable.

  2. At the point when he stops lying the movie was just getting interesting,I wanted to see him convince the court he was not lying,to become honest right there was very unlikely

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