House at the End of the Street:Movie Review(2012) – Scarier than Dora the Explorer!

Now I know why this movie was sitting there for weeks on the back burner. I just don’t see the point anymore watching horror movies. It’s not a horror to begin with; I don’t know why they’re trying selling it as that. This is the type of movie that you find in the bottom of a bargain bucket bin next to the cheap beer in an Indian convenient store.

In 20 years times someone will pick it up and say “look Jenifer Lawrence is in this, she looks young here” then they’ll watch and discover that she made bad decisions just like everyone else does these days. The good thing for her is she’s young and can blame it on the growing process. So let’s scrap this one and The Hunger games and everything will be honky dory.

The film in general was not the most entertaining as a whole; Miss Lawrence did the best with what she could. They tried to give the movie as much suspense as possible without too much complication. Still we are in the 21st century now! Can we stop with the weirdo’s who know that there is someone in the woods! But continue to stroll on in there anyway. It’s all to predictable nowadays. Creativity and innovation is what is needed for scares not regurgitated movies throughout the decades.




4 thoughts on “House at the End of the Street:Movie Review(2012) – Scarier than Dora the Explorer!”

  1. I did turn it off, then went back, I refuse to give up on movies. My mind can’t rest until i know its complete. I think the only one I could not continue with was The Tree of Life. 3 times I tried and gave up.

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