Life of Pi (2012) Movie review – Overrated wishy washy film

I know this movie has be rated well by all who have seen it,I can not deny that I enjoyed the visuals of Pi and a Tiger stuck on a small boat together.

The quality of the special effects are high a lot of the time,but on the moments they are bad,they are very bad,at one point in the film when a storm arrived this dangerous wild tiger looked more like the friendly tiger from the Kelloggs frosted flakes advert,if Tony was reviewing this element of the film he would not be able to use his famous catchphrase when referring to the special effects.

The movie is a good family movie,I hear it’s amazing to watch in 3D, I would happily watch this movie with a young child,mainly to watch their reactions to the story and the tiger,but based on me reviewing it I don’t think I can honestly say that this film is complete,the story at times feels forced and pushed and dare I say it lackluster with an alarmingly slow pace.




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