Promised land (2012) Movie review – Matt Damon is on fine form

Matt Damon brings a reassuring quality to every film he lends his name to,that’s not to say he hasn’t made bad films but you know if the script is half decent Damon will bring an extra dimension that will elevate the film and snatch your attention for the duration.

The movie is interesting, you have a pair of sales agents working for a large corporation who’s only goal is to buy people’s land to dig for natural gas,you root for the pair until you find out there are major health concerns with this type of work,the locals battle with the morals behind such a decision as well as dream about the money.

Damon and Frances Mcdormand (Fargo 1996) are fantastic together as the sales team, many actors would overplay such a role or try to steal a scene but the pair of them work so well together that you can sense the chemistry instantly.

A good movie with a solid cast and strong story.



3 thoughts on “Promised land (2012) Movie review – Matt Damon is on fine form”

  1. Personally I think with Damon’s acting talent and Gus Van Sant’s directorial chops this film turned out to be rather dull but I agree with the strong cast bit. Overall not a bad movie but it had a lot more potential, esp. the way they bailed out of the story with Krasinski’s character.

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