The Liability (2012) Movie review – A refreshing British movie

This movie was a nice surprise,when a troubled British teen is asked to drive a stranger(Tim Roth) across the country a relationship ensues that is comical and intriguing.

Tim Roth has been widely slagged off by many for performing in poor movies or being poor in movies since the smash hit’s Reservoir dogs and Pulp fiction,I think he has chosen some bad roles and maybe become lazy over the years,when you star in some of the biggest movies of all time it must be hard to get excited at some of the average scripts he accepted afterwards,this is probably one of his best movies since those hits,as well as him being dry witted he is casually cold-hearted throughout.

If I met the British chav character(Jack O’Connell) in real life I would probably do my utmost to stay clear of him,he is stupid,loud and represents everything that is wrong with British society,but the chemistry that the two leads share is remarkably entertaining,they are a world apart,yet so perfect as a movie combo.

The movie is not perfect but I enjoyed it,I will keep an eye out for Craig Viveiros (Director) and John Wrathall (writer) work in the future.



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