The following (2013) TV Review – I love Kevin Bacon but this show stinks

I do love that big film stars now appreciate that if the writing is good in a TV series you can still enjoy the acclaim and awards that you would if you stuck to films.

With the likes of Breaking bad,The Wire and the Walking dead,you can see what Kevin Bacon was thinking by taking on the lead in the recent drama ”The Following”.

It’s just a shame that Kevin chose the wrong show to join,The following is a real lackluster show that show’s very little in terms of intelligent dialogue or interesting story.

His co-stars would look more comfortable in any CSI / TV detective show, as for the lead baddy (James Purefoy) he is amazingly dull,I did at no point feel afraid or weary of him,he sounds and comes across like a feminine hair dresser who’s just been dumped.

I love your work Mr Bacon but I am feeling nothing for your new show.




6 thoughts on “The following (2013) TV Review – I love Kevin Bacon but this show stinks”

  1. I rather like the premise and the show itself. People are fascinated by what makes people tick. The resident bad guy is weirdly quiet as if channelling Hannibal. Bacon isn’t boring nor is Canadian Ashmore as the techie guy. Its the lack of other interesting law enforcement that drags it down. A big negative is like Lost you would be if you dont catch up on episodes. Still its enough for me to Like it on Facebook.

  2. I think Bacon looks bored in the role,not saying he is,just saying he looks bored and tired which may be the way he character was written,if it’s not I don’t blame him,the show gave me now reason to tune in again next week,Thanks for your comments Wordschat

  3. I never thought Kevin Bacon was a good actor, and I have not watched some movies because he was in them and I thought “waste of time”. You have convinced me to not bother with this either.

  4. The following is a terrible TV show but please don’t give up Mr Bacon yet,I recommend two movies of his which I adore – 1,Murder in the first and 2,Death sentence,I think he is outstanding in both of these very different role’s,thanks for your comments 🙂

  5. I deserve a reward or award for making it through the entire season. The fact they are bringing back the same cast for seaosn 2 is atrocious. Limited series should be just that. only Kevin Bacon should be back with an entire new story arc like AHS. PS. Never have I hated a character more than than that pixie hair cut whore, The gay male element was cool in show though!

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