The Sessions (2012) Movie review – A limp body with a laughing soul – 8/10

John Hawkes who played the shop clerk in Dusk til Dawn puts in the performance of his career in the life story of Mark O’Brien.

There are levels of humour and sadness right from the off,the violin playing in the background tears straight into your heart-strings when Marks life is introduced to the big screen.

If there’s a movie that hints at winning awards Helen Hunt is normally sniffing closely behind,the amount of times this woman finds herself in these type of roles is a testament to the woman’s talent,she is once again outstanding in breaking through the screen and bringing real emotion from the viewer and her co-stars.

There are many layers to this film which makes it impossible for anyone not to like it,off the bat I was expecting the usual sad story which would be smothered in sympathy for a disabled man,but instead I got a truly remarkable story about a man who wants more than what is expected of him.

William H Macy is fantastic playing the man with an open ear who never tires of hearing Mark’s stories or questions about life.



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