Gangster squad (2013) Movie review – A film with real actors… Shame about the screen play

I remember seeing the cast and sneak preview for this film last year,I have waited with anticipation of something special,after a long wait I am left disappointed.

Sean Penn is a determined and vicious motherfuc*er in this movie,I think in the past Penn’s quality has sometimes been wasted on average scripts, he has found his best role in years playing Mickey Cohen.

Mickey Cohen

The movie is reminiscent of the dirty dozen in respect that you have a team of today’s best actors all brought together for a blockbuster.

Even though it’s set in the 40’s I don’t really believe I am back there when watching the movie,I am engrossed by the story but I think the finest detail in the accents and dialogue could have been improved,but  if you refer to the acting alone, there is no complaints from me.Josh Brolin found his big screen balls with ”No country for old men” and he continues to wear them in this film by carrying and representing the good guys in the story.

With all blockbuster movies you are waiting for that moment,that scene that makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up,well that moment for me came just after thirty minutes,up until then I get the impression the director had been playing and teasing me with all these amazing actors and now was the time for the real show to begin,it is of no coincidence that this scene involves Ryan Gosling and reminds me why I enjoy movies so much.

I can not sit here and honestly say this movie ticks all the boxes,the style of the movie is sleek and has some great action scenes, a lack of real momentum is its biggest problem,you think the pace is building  but then the director takes his foot off the gas and you find yourself unattached from the film,I feel the screen play was a huge mistake,you feel like you are watching a Dick Tracey movie rather than a true to life crime piece,my view is based on the way the film was shot as well as the dialogue,which at times would be more suited to a kids comic book.

SHOULD have been a classic!




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