Guns,Girls and Gambling (2011) Movie review – Bad,bad and very bad ! (Time to retire Christian Slater!)

I am guessing Gary Oldman was blackmailed into making this movie,that is the only explanation as to why he ever considered turning up after reading this script.

This is one of the worst films I have seen in a while,all the actors act independently of each other which makes for a disjointed performance from everyone,the script was written by a five-year old who has never heard of character development or character interest,it feels and looks like a really bad version of a Tarantino movie.

I have now given up on Christian Slater ever making another good movie,the man is in big trouble somewhere along the line,he either owes a studio a lot of money or he can no longer qualify what makes a good movie, now it seems Christian is accepting all the stuff that Burt Reynolds is turning down.

It seems you can’t have a bad movie these days without Dane Cook making an appearance.

The director Michael Winnick deserves to be banned from making anymore terrible movies,that’s how bad this crap is !




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