Not another Not another movie (2011) Movie review – A who’s who of burnt out movie stars!

This will be a short review,the movie is full of actors who nobody wants to cast anymore,I don’t think there was a script,it seemed more of a case of see who is desperate  enough to show up and squeeze as much screen time in as possible when they do,Vinnie Jones will agree to play any role that comes his way,I don’t blame him as he cannot act and is only making a living as best he can,but for the likes of Chevy Chase,Burt Reynolds,Michael Madsen,you guys were once respectable,please go looking for your dignity and don’t come back on-screen until you find it !

The jokes were obvious and the movie was lame,I recommend watching the trailer instead of the movie,you will be bored by the time the trailer ends I promise 🙂




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