Sinister: Movie Review – Ethan Hawke should consider retiring

The only movie I can truly put my finger to, staring Ethan Hawke is Training day. Since then he has churned out class B movies, one after the other. Training Day surely was his training into the movie business, but the bad news is… he learnt from Denzel Washington. Maybe he has a problem with vision, or it’s just that he gets sent the worst scripts ever. Whatever it is he should think about quitting the movie business and do something worthwhile. ‘I hear there’s a shortage of janitors lately’.

This is actually not the worst of some of the dog shit he’s done of late! But neither is it great. To say I was bored was an understatement; I ended up counting my fingers quite a few times and the suspense was more shocking when I realised I had a full set after a few shaky moment of miscount. I can’t believe this movie was given a 15 certificate, they must have come to the conclusion that they didn’t want to ruin anyone’s young life who actually loved movies and thought this is a career they may choice one day. This movie pulls out all the stops with cliché scares, suspicious noises, found footage, hallucinations, nightmares and very quiet senses followed by loud bangs. What makes Hawkes look good in this movie is that his family are a hell of a lot worse than he is at acting or have they been told to act that way to make him look better?

To be honest, horror movies are not my forte. Not since the 80’s passed by.

3/10 (that’s generous)



3 thoughts on “Sinister: Movie Review – Ethan Hawke should consider retiring”

  1. Another person who agrees this sucked. Aside from it having more holes that a sieve what’s with the wardrobe? Hawke wears the same Mister Rodgers sweater day in day out. I did like him in that Vampire movie I cant recall name of.

  2. I liked him in Before sunrise or maybe I liked the movie [and would’ve liked ANYONE in it]… well beyond that, I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU.

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