Stand up guys (2012) Movie review – A poor version of the movie Tough guys

When a movie has Al Pacino,Christopher Walken and Mark Margolis (Breaking bad) it’s hard not to take notice.

I think it’s easy to understand why these guys were chosen to play old gangsters who are torn between living a healthy life and going back to their old ways,It feels a little old hat and recycled by both leads if I am honest,you would think that both actors would have refused the role on this basis but I am guessing a movie designed to be covered in humour swayed their decision.

The film does not work,I don’t believe in the situation or the characters, both actors are passed being physical,they could both play the don or a role that involves sitting behind a desk, but they can no longer play gangsters on the street,it feels and looks sad,they were hoping for humour but all I felt was sympathy for the actors .

Burt Lancaster and Kirk Douglas made a similar film back in 1986 (Tough guys),I enjoyed this movie based on the fact that is what a comedy and held a certain charm,this movie does not know what it’s trying to be,it feels like it could fall into two genre’s but regardless of which genre it fits into it’s a poor film.

A mention must go to Bill Burr,I am a fan of his podcast and his work on Breaking Bad,he comes across very natural on-screen,you would think that he had been acting and rubbing shoulders with these legends his whole life.




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