The Master(2012): Movie Review – Good but not quite masterful

You can understand why Joaquin Phoenix gets the nod for his little gold figurine after watching The Master. Even though Phillip Seymour plays The Master in the movie it’s Phoenix who put in the master class of acting. Everyone knows about Phoenix’s public melt down a few year back! When he decided he was quitting the movie business and becoming a rapper? When watching this movie I was constantly asking myself? How hard he needed to act as the guy close to the edge or how much of it was closer to the bone then we were to believe.  Either way, his pain was our gain!

He plays a naval veteran, with a serious drinking problem. So serious that your standard highest proof alcohol doesn’t really cut the grade with is intoxications. Along the way he makes specially made concoction that suits his level of euphoric pleasure. One night while roaming the docks he finds a ship that looks suitable for his inebriated needs. When he comes to it seems that the ship was his destiny!

Phillip Seymour Hoffman plays the master of a cult that’s name is not really mentioned. Like any cult leader his ideas are purely open to change, when the change suits his needs of course. When Freddie (Phoenix) shows up Lancaster Dodd (Hoffman) sees him as a project he would like to work with. The trouble being is how do you train a wild animal?

The story is very engaging and the characters dialogue is always original when Paul Thomas Anderson is involved. They only gripe I have with his movies is that he sometimes losses his way. There’s many times where the movie could have been ended, but he fails to finish it where you expect and rather leaves you asking why! It’s just a minor problem though; I seem to enjoy the company of his movies every time.




3 thoughts on “The Master(2012): Movie Review – Good but not quite masterful”

  1. I started watching this last night. I agree Phoenix deserves credit for his performance, but the screenplay ……… needless to say I turned it off, and moved on.

  2. It’s a tough one to get through, I agree. I’ll admit I don’t think I could watch it again. Phoenix has never been my cup of tea. Thanks for reading though:)

  3. I’ve seen it twice now. Phoenix is unglued and is a challenge for Hoffman. Their interpersonal dynamic could be examined for hours. I want to get more into Hoffman’s head too. His character is as deeply layered as Joaquin’s. Dandy review.

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