Derek: TV Review-“WARNING: This programme is detrimental to your health”

Eight months ago Ricky Gervais tested the water with this comedy and it failed big time. It was smashed about more than Ricky Hatton’s come back. Still not one to be disheartened he marched full speed ahead and continued with the project. I use full speed ahead very loosely, if anything he stuck it in reverse and broke the speed barrier for going backwards.  The only draw for me going back this time was to see how Karl Pilkington fared as an actor. To be fair as I said 8 months ago, his character was the best part of the show, but he’s only playing himself, so we can’t really say if he can act! I don’t think he has too much future as a method actor; neither does Gervais to be fair.

Ricky has had his fifteen minutes now, he may have been given a few minutes extra for a good measure. I was and still am a fan of his early work. The office and a couple of his stand-ups are fantastic, extras was OK, but that was mainly because the class A stars he attracted. Fame! One of his stand-up shows showed where he was going with his comedy. Trying to be more edgy, like his friend Louis C.K, which doesn’t work for him because it’s natural for Louis, while Gervais has to force it?

With Derek he uses the same old method as he does in everything he has done so far. What’s his obsession with the fly on the wall documentaries? ” Been there done that! Move on now”.

I actually realised something while watching this! That I could reverse laugh; the result meant the air freshener was needed.




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