The Master (2012) Movie review ; W T F !!!! :(

This movie feel’s like a bad hangover caused by a concoction of  the strongest and hardest drink and drugs available.

I truly do not know were to begin with this production,(I find it hard to call it a movie or a film,) it starts with plenty of nothing,continues with nothing and then adds a backing soundtrack of that noise that your speaker makes when your phone receives a text message.

Joaquin Phoenix is either brilliant or completely out of it,years ago before his breakdown there was no doubt that he was immensely talented,but I will never forget how badly he fared when attempted to portray Johnny Cash,he made Cash look like a miserable depressing character,I think we saw more of the real Phoenix in Cash than we did of Cash.

Philip Seymour Hoffman and Amy Adam’s are very distinguished actors,they bring a bit of credit to a ”production” that up until their arrival was slipping into oblivion.

In my honest opinion they should have cut out the first forty minutes of the film,I don’t think it serves any real purpose and only makes the viewer turn off or tune out,maybe this is an artistic move in making people scratch their head but once the film begins (at the 40min’ mark) it’s pretty powerful,but I can’t sit here and say I enjoyed it or recommend it to anyone,I don’t understand how thousands of scripts can pass through a Hollywood desk and this is the one that Paul Thomas Anderson decides to make,maybe he got lost in his own writing and did not see the bigger picture.



4 thoughts on “The Master (2012) Movie review ; W T F !!!! :(”

  1. Johnny Cash was a solid piece of work, the real guy did suffer from depression? I definitely don’t agree with this review. Movies need originality! This was not generic in anyway or form. Sure it lost its way, but there was plenty of good too.

  2. I know Johnny Cash suffered from depression,he also suffered with having a too good a time in his life,I did not see that in Phoenix’s performance of Cash,I am sure like me you have read the Johnny Cash book,I was laughing out loud when reading about what he got up to but did not feel or see any of this in the movie,I just saw a depressed Cash.
    Back to this movie,I mentioned that there were powerful scenes,I just did not enjoy the movie,just because it’s original does not make it good.

  3. Thank you! Someone who agrees with me. I love PTA’s work but I’m not going to sit here and say it’s amazing just because it’s him. I did not enjoy this film at all. I feel that a film needs a story and the “story” that was in this film was weak and confused AND strange. Yes there may have been powerful acting but that still won’t save a film like this.

  4. Thank you for agreeing with me Marcel,everybody will always have a different view but I struggled to find anything positive about The Master,thanks for your comments 🙂

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