Funny farm (1988) Movie review; Chevy always performs the same character in all of his films,the quick witted sleaze with a moody complexion

Chevy Chase has starred a lot of funny films from my childhood,he has been accused of not being naturally funny and that left to his own devices can come off as a bit smug.

I have always enjoyed sarcasm, films such as Fletch,Lampoons vacations and Memoirs of an invisible man are smothered in dry humour, Funny farm is a quintessential eighties movie,it projects a perfect life style,brings in some crisis and then finishes as it begun.

Chevy always performs the same character in all of his films,the quick-witted sleaze with a moody complexion,I like this character but I am guessing that when you put in the same performance on each film the only thing that changes is the backdrop,as the old saying goes, ”if aint broke don’t fix it”,this may be true, but when you are in the entertainment business there is also a saying that goes ” Move with the times” Mr Chase never did this and unfortunately he got left behind.

As I am British I was unaware of the Chevy Chase talk show which dramatically failed back when his star shined brightly,having watched a clip from YouTube (see below) I can see why people  say he is not naturally a funny man,when you take away the script from Chevy and you are left with an awkward bumbling idiot, with a script he is funny in every second sentence.

You cannot slam the man too much because at the end of the he is not a stand up comedian,he is an actor who has made several funny movies,now days you have Louie CK who is writing ,producing and starring in their own work,these type of guys are all rounders, were as Chase was not,he had one skill set,to deliver funny lines on que which he always did prior to 1992.

Chevy will go down as one of the funniest movies stars of the 80’s,along with Bill Murray and John Candy… he’s not in bad company.




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