Inglourious Basterds (2009) Movie review revisted – The movie is far from perfect but it does have several stand out scenes

It’s been a while since I watched this film,I remember enjoying it first time round but was not blown away by it,this time I watched without comparing it Tarantino’s other work which is naturally hard to do.

The movie was well received in Germany,apparently they enjoyed the fact that there were more than one group of people running round killing people with joy on their face.

I enjoy subtitled films as they normally offer fresh ideas on old formats,having forgotten that there is a lot of subtitles in this film I can not work out if this add’s or takes away from the powerful dialogue that Tarantino writes,sometimes it has more to do with the way something is said rather than the written word.


Tarantino offers a brave and different style to most of his other films,apart from using another language he also avoids common suspense,there are moments throughout the film that would have easily been tagged as suspenseful scenes,instead they fall into your lap like a hot potatoes when you least expect it,the background music confirms that this is intentional and he masterfully hides when these moments will occur.

I adore Samuel L Jackson in many of Quinton’s films but he feels out-of-place here,Jackson only narrates in the film but it does not match the style or theme of the film.

The movie is far from perfect but it does have several stand out scenes,the English soldier(Michael Fassbender) pretending to me German is an outstanding scene which pulls you into the movie and his character.

Some critics have slammed the artistic licence he has taken with regards to the historic facts,this does not bother me,I was slightly disappointed with the way Hitler was dispatched but as with this director he is always out to surprise,overall it has to go down as a success,you can hardly accuse Tarantino of playing it safe,he leaps from genre’s and time frames that would force retirement on less talented directors,but instead he works with an enthusiasm of a real movie maker who pleases himself before any anyone else.



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