Cadence / Stockade (1990) Movie review – Great film and amazing song by Harry Stewart

I watched this on release in the UK back in 1990,the name of the movie was retitled Stockade and there were fewer scenes in that version compared to the American which I recently found out is called Cadence,the added scenes include the father talking to his son in a flashback at the start of the film.

Laurence Fishburne is down as  ”Larry” Fishburne in the credits,he must have changed to a Laurence to create a bit of Hollywood sophistication,I think it worked,I can’t imagine a Larry playing one of the leads in the Matrix.

Harry Stewart’s singing voice is truly touching and brings a layer of emotion and heart to the film,Harry Stewart’s life seems to have taken a turn for the worse after making this film,there are reports that he was at one stage homeless,I hope he has now over come his problems,so many people seem to be touched by the song and Harry’s voice that it seems amazing that there has been no commercial release of the version,some people have questioned the fact that there may be some copyright issues with some of the lines being used in a Johnny Cash song,surely there could be a percentage agreement on profits and let this mans voice reach a wider audience,it seems such a waste when religious and no religious people are moved by this song and the singer.

A quote which describes Harry’s work on this song -”As the only instrument used is a piano in the film, the singer’s voice evokes a deeper tone to the song itself and it is this version that is most valued among collector ”

The sheen relationship pulled away from the conventional military story and instead opted to show the pulse behind the stiff upper lip.Martin Sheen does a fantastic job directing and telling this story,I would go as far as saying that the connection between himself and his son is the best on film,there is real pain and torn emotion when they share the screen,I like how you can never really second guess were the film is taking you.

It’s very easy to forget that Charlie was once a very talented actor,his humour has never been in doubt but I think people should watch this film to remind them of what a great serious actor he once was.

A very underrated movie.



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