Company of hereos (2013) Movie review; Special effects are atrocious and the film is irritating

The banter feels very unnatural from the start,in fact if you close your eyes you could be listening to a couple of guys on the golf course,there never seems to be any real panic in their voices.

The special effects are atrocious,on one occasion a tank rides over a dead German,you can actually see the air leaving his rubber face as the tracks squash his brains,also all the uniforms look like they were made by the directors aunty who dabbles every now and again on the knitting machine.

The budget must have been low because they edit the film using a shaky camera which leaves the impression that the earth is shattering all around you,this may have been acceptable twenty years ago, now it just feels cheap and annoying to watch,the soundtrack is as irritating,it’s also never-ending which leaves you feeling like you are playing a war game on the playsation…..(having just done some research I have JUST realised this is a game come movie,I am guessing the game is a lot more entertaining)

Stars on show – Vinny Jones is his terrible best,he must give so much hope to wannabe actors,or people who cannot act but find themself a niche in the market.

Tom Sizemore looks like he has eaten at burger king for breakfast lunch and dinner over the past year,he is picking up a paycheck but its shame that he lowers himself to this crap as he is a decent actor.

Richard Sammel who played the cocky nazi in ”Inglorious basterds” plays a character more suited to the Spiderman franchise,shame as he can obviously act.




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