The Bladerunner (Oscar Pistorius) get’s bail after shooting his girlfriend 4 times !!!!!

Oscar Pistorius has been granted bail after shooting his super model girlfriend (Reeva Steenkamp) four times,the man known as the Blade runner due to prosthetic limbs claims that he thought his girlfriend was an intruder,and at no time did he think it may have been his girlfriend.

There are so many of his points that do not make sense,firstly if he was in bed at the time of being woken by a noise,did he not think it was strange that his girlfriend was not in bed with him,if he thought his girlfriend was being kept in the bathroom by an intruder why would he shoot and risk killing his partner….

The neighbour’s and the police have confirmed that there were signs of domestic abuse reported from the house previously,if I was a betting man,and I am…I would say the couple were having a heated argument about whatever… Reeva locked herself in the bathroom and refused point-blank to come out,after Pistorius made a few verbal attempts to gain access to his own bathroom he eventually fetched his gun and in a moment of madness decided to blow the door and his girlfriend away,you could argue that this could be manslaughter if he had shot once,but four times suggest’s he wanted to finish the job.

Now he has been granted $75,000 bail I would think we could have a new Lord Lucan on our hands,the guy know’s he is going to prison,there was a story reported last year about a white man from England who committed fraud in South africa,he was later raped hundreds of times by his all black cell mates,he eventually left the prison having contracted aids.

I am not saying Oscar will have the same treatment,but there is going to be a high chance that he is going to be attacked due to his Beckham like status in South Africa,I would not be surprised if he does a Lord Lucan and pays his friends to get him out of the country,time will tell…..

A report from the Guardian –


6 thoughts on “The Bladerunner (Oscar Pistorius) get’s bail after shooting his girlfriend 4 times !!!!!”

  1. A man is innocent till…. oh what the heck if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck. Must be some bullets to go thru door and unlucky for her in the angles. This is a sad story.

  2. Am actively following all of this and though I am shocked he got bail, I am not surprised. Yes….none of it makes sense, I read his bail application affidavit and there are even inconsistencies in his story there. Everyone knows the ‘robber’ story is fake, (well anyone with half a sense of logic will) but it is going to be awfully interesting to see how this all plays out in court. If it ever gets that far.
    At the end of the day, this is truly a sad story. No matter how you look at it, two people’s lives were forever changed, hers, when it was prematurely ended, and his for no matter what, his life is over too.

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