The Walking dead – Season 3 review ; A walker has bitten the writers,this series is dying on it’s arse.

The major down sides so far…

Rick going crazy over his dead wife makes really boring TV,as Rick is the lead for the show it also weakens the show by not having a strong person to follow.

The new camp turning into a weird cult, but with no real sense or purpose has become a real drag, the story does not seem to be moving at the same pace as the previous two seasons,for the first time I find myself not caring what happens next,”The Governor” seemed like an exciting character when first introduced, but the writers of the show have taken away any real credibility he had built up in the second half of this season,they keep reminding us of what a bad guy he is by making sure he lies to at least one cast member on each show,his character has as much mystery as a Scooby Doo ending.

The walkers are no longer scary,each time one arrives they get tapped,shot or an arrow through the head,it’s becoming old hat to kill them,I am thinking better they find a use for them such as a nightclub cage dancer or hope someone releases a cover version of Michael Jackson’s Thriller.

I hope the last third of this series picks up because so far the standard has dropped.


3 thoughts on “The Walking dead – Season 3 review ; A walker has bitten the writers,this series is dying on it’s arse.”

  1. This has never been better. The pace of this show has picked up tremendously comparedto the first two seasons. Most of the elements of the show is from the comics like Rick having his issues and not knowing much about the Governor.

  2. We will have to agree to disagree,this is the first time in the series that they have stood still in one place for a long time,previously you never knew if they would be moving on or kicked out of home meaning there was constant danger,The gov’ lost his interest for me after 2 shows,his dialogue in particular has been very poor.

  3. My view on this is Rick’s psychological inner conflict break down is going to lea to someone else being the leader of the group or they’re just giving more time to other characters. The zombies not being scary could easily be explained because of how aware the survivors are to them. This season is really not about the zombies, the survivors are passed that, I feel it’s more about the long term of survival and marking a permanent territory, with the inclusion of man vs man. I also like how the zombies are being used to do certain things, and in the latest episode they were used in “warfare.” I do agree though that this season and a little of last season, the episodes seem to drag with not much conflict arising, but this last episode did a good job of keeping the tension across the board.

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