Cosmopolis (2012) Movie review ; Sigh :(

I only decided to watch this crap film because Paul Giamatti plays a bit part near the end,well it felt like an eternity to get to the end of this trash and by then I was in no mood to watch a brilliant actor (Giamatti) take part in such a pretentious movie.

I think Robert Pattinson has decent acting chops but missed the target when choosing this film,I feel like the portion of my brain that measures taste has just been insulted.

Some revealing information about this film –

* David Cronenberg wrote the script in six days. (Very believable)

* Budget – $20,500,000

* Gross – $743,636





4 thoughts on “Cosmopolis (2012) Movie review ; Sigh :(”

  1. Cronenberg is a great director. But yeah, this movie sucked big time. Even on its existential level it didn’t work. It made me feel stupid as I tried making sense of it all. “Tried.”

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