Toast (2010) Movie review; A depressing cooking movie!!!!

An oddly sweet film based around a boy and his family in England, it feels like a stage show and not a movie at times,it’s based on the memoirs of Nigel Slater (I have never heard of him either but he writes about food in the UK.)

I didn’t have a clue what the movie was about before hand,to begin with I was intrigued as it seemed to capture a tense and strange house hold and a boy who had a passion to escape his families ways,but as the film progressed I had a nagging feeling that this film was going nowhere,sadly I was right…


Both his parents die while he grew up,they both hated cooking,he liked cooking so he took a class at school which improved his cooking,later he went on to write about cooking,the end,THERE YOU HAVE IT!,I have summed up the film for you.

If there was ever a case of film that should not have been made about someones life, I vote strongly that it should have been this one.




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