Would you rather (2012) Movie review – My movie of 2012 – Outstanding writing and film – 9/10

Ten minutes into this film and can’t remember a movie stimulating my brain so much in a long time,it has to one of the most original screen plays I have had the pure pleasure in enjoying in years,if you have not seen this film I recommend you stop reading now and come back to this review after you have,it’s such a delight to be surprised by a film now days that it seems a waste to find out anything about this film before hand,and this film is worth the effort.

*** SPOILER ***

Brittany Snow plays the sister of a boy who is suffering with extremely poor health,with their parents passed on and the medical bills mounting, an invite to a charity fundraiser party sounds like a dream come true,all she is told is that everyone invited will take part in a game and the winner will have all their medical bills taken care of as well not having to worry about money again.

When all the contestants arrive this film really kicks off in style,the director plays with all the characters at the table but more importantly he plays and teases the viewer with a cold and calculated sense of humour,this movie has elevated the genre of horror and thrillers.

You can have an amazing script but unless you have cast members such as Jeffrey Combs and Brittany Snow, the movie can still fail to grab people’s imagination.

Combs was outstanding,he plays the heartless bad guy to perfection, making the film feel real and adding tension and suspense to an already exciting film.




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