Identity Thief (2012) Movie review – Moments of funny smothered with commercial awareness

There are a few moments of funny in the film but the overall impression I had was that of a director / producer playing it safe.

Melissa McCarthy is her hilarious self,she seems to bottle her strange but adorable character and spray it all around this film,she is the female equivalent of Will Ferrell,her socially awkward nature creates a great tonic for any film.

Now I like Jason Bateman but I am getting tired of him seeing play the straight guy,Arrested development,Horrible bosses,Couples retreat,Hancock,Juno, Jason if you are not bored with playing these roles I would just like to state that everybody else is bored with seeing you in them, please for the love of god, take on a role with a bit of meat that doesn’t involve you pushing for a promotion at work while being concerned for your families well-being.

If they had just gone out and tried to make a funny movie without worrying about offending anyone the film may have been a hit, instead it just feels too safe,I can picture the producer ticking off all of the demographics while deleting all of the risky scenes not to shoot in the film.

Not bad to fill some time but it’s instantly forgettable.



5 thoughts on “Identity Thief (2012) Movie review – Moments of funny smothered with commercial awareness”

  1. It’s yet another movie with a tired concept.. look at ‘Due Date’ a couple years ago, similar premise (to an extent). I recommend re-watching ‘Planes, Trains & Automobiles’ instead LOL

  2. Loved the review just watches the movie this week but didn’t feel the need to review it, glad I found one with the same opinions as me. It’s kinda funny I was just mentioning to my father this morning the blandness of Jason Batemans characters. Keep up the good work I hope to see more.

  3. If I got paid millions to perform the same role over again I would probably take it but I think he has more in his locker so it’s a waste,thanks for your comments 🙂

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