Lana Del Ray is my new Nick Cave in female form….

Music is an interesting expression of art and enjoyment,I would always consider myself open to all music,from my early teens I would spend my hard-earned dishwasher money on the latest releases at my local music shop,I would become very nerdy about who was cool and who was talented,if I could not find anyone of talent that week I would purchase the artist who showed the most promise.

Fast forward fifteen years and I have no time or interest in music,some bands may have a catchy hook or fancy track but in general it does not call out to me,the only exception to this is Nick Cave,the man has filled my musical interest for the past five years,other artists do not compare,lyrically you could argue that Morrissey is up there but the music has always faded ever since Johnny Marr split.

So for the first time in a long time I am genuinely excited about an artist ; Lana Del Ray is frigging amazing,her lyrics stand out over the lines and demand respect, even from less thoughtful thinkers,her lyrics seem so natural and beautifully merge into a masterpiece of art.

I hope one day Cave and Del Ray perform together and produce music,as an outside observer I can only see their hunger and delight for writing original and soul lifting songs result in so much pleasure for people who demand more than the average pulp.


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