Legend (1985) Movie review ; Mr Tom Cruise,you must squirm when you think back to this film

This movie stinks worse than dried dog sick on a toasted sandwich,a goofy Tom Cruise plays a very feminine chap who generally speaks like he has swallowed an Oscar Wilde diary,his delivery is high-pitched and quite honestly embarrassing.

The movie is full of demons and goblins running around in a fairytale world,no one seems to make sense when having a conversation or making a point,it feels and looks like the cast including Ridley Scott all dropped acid on day one and made the strangest and possibly most pointless movie ever.



4 thoughts on “Legend (1985) Movie review ; Mr Tom Cruise,you must squirm when you think back to this film”

  1. This film was one of my favorite so-bad-it’s-good guilty pleasures a few years back. Tom’s shorts made of leaves, Tim Curry’s hamminess, the little guy who calls himself “Gump of the Forest”… My sides ache from laughing every time I see this thing. Thanks for bringing back the memories…

  2. I remember the video cover of that devil more than the film (I would have been 4 when this came out) I just didn’t get it at all but then again there are a few movies from my childhood that really stink when watching them back now 🙂

  3. I was 4 when it came out too. I’ m glad I did not see it until I was a teen. It would have scared me to death if I had seen it as a rugrat.
    I agree, there are some childhood movies that are better to keep as memories. They just don’t stand up to rewatching.

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