The Distinguished Gentleman (1992) Movie review ; The beginning of the end for Eddie Murphy

I watched this movie on YouTube,I remember it’s release but when the film kicked off it all seemed new to me,I have seen the likes of Coming to America and Trading places too many times to mention,those brand of films are light-hearted with the main theme being Eddie’s vinegar into wine act which normally works a treat.

I can see why the producers of this movie thought it would work,with Eddie playing his usual street character who end’s up working with the politicians of America,with the sub plot being, who is the real crook.

On paper this should have worked,unfortunately it just doesn’t,I have noticed that a lot of people who liked the movie refer to it on a political level,being older now I did take some enjoyment from this element but as a comedy which is what it was supposed to be it just falls down almost at every turn.

The film sways more on the political workings of Washington than it does on the comedy aspects of the situation,everybody greets Eddie Murphy’s character like he is the new messiah,the dialogue shared between the main characters comes off so false that even Eddie looks unconvinced when normally he would be shining and beaming that Eddie humour all over the set.

This in my eyes is were it all started to go wrong for Eddie,like most artist’s they get bored doing the same old scripts so I can see why this one would appeal, it’s just a shame he forgot his formula for comedy.



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