The Fifth element (1997) Movie review – My preconceived ideas about this film were wrong

This is the first time I have seen this movie,I am happy to say my preconceived ideas about the film were wrong,I am not a star wars or star trek fan,from the trailer I saw on release it looked like a crazy version of the films just mentioned,hence the reason why it has taken me 16 years to see it.

If I was the casting director the last person I would have chosen to play the American president would have been ex wrestler Zeus (Tommy ‘Tiny’ Lister) from WWF fame,that said he kind of fits into the quirky nature of the film perfectly.

Bruce Willis plays his usual frosty character who has no time for anything,his performance is convincing but as the movie picks up speed and Bruce see’s more screen time I tend to forget I am NOT watching a Die hard movie,don’t get me wrong this movie is unique,I applaud that,my only issue is Bruce playing the same role for the 100th time,surely they could have changed his characteristic’s a bit ?

Gary Oldman is terrific, which becomes a cliché thing to say when you comment on 99% if his performances,still it was nice to see him purring around on-screen delivering cutting lines to a backdrop of madness.

Did the movie keep my interest throughout ? not really,I enjoyed the odd ball humour and the futuristic feel to the film but with two-thirds of the movie gone I felt my enjoyment starting to fade,Gary Oldman’s character was dark and heartless but I never really felt I was ever in the ball park of being scared or in fear at any stage,the aliens wandering around the ship are more comical than menacing, so the movie played out more like a kids adventure and not an adult sci-fi film which was a bit of a drag.



5 thoughts on “The Fifth element (1997) Movie review – My preconceived ideas about this film were wrong”

  1. This is one of my favorite sci-fi films.. and Milla Jovavich (or however it’s spelled) was kick-a$$ in this. The fight scene with the aliens while the ‘diva’ sang was cool 😀

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