Beer league (2006) Movie review; one of the most painful films I have ever had to sit through

As a Brit,Howard TV (as in Howard Stern ) is new to me,I have been trawling You tube and managed to find several really interesting interviews by Stern,in the background of the show Artie Lange once commentated on the show,I only knew of Artie’s work based upon the some of the films he had appeared in,Boat Trip and Old school being the highlights,when I came across a show on Stern where he was plugging his movie I thought it would be worth a butchers…. how wrong I was, one of the most painful films I have ever had to sit through.

Whenever the Karate Kid gets repeated on TV for the thousandth time I sometimes say to myself,I wonder why Ralph Macchio does not make movies anymore,the mystery is over,he is a terrible actor,he may have stolen a lot kids hearts with his wash on, wash off movie in the 80’s but in this film he only confirms that he is washed up as an actor!

An extra element of shit in this script is a lack of any real plot or subplot,it feels like everybody off the comedy circuit in New York, who didn’t have a lot going on turned up for this film,when comics asked for a script they were told there was no script,just call Artie a fat hopeless loser,Artie in turn will tell you to bite him! OK now send in the next comic to repeat that scene again…..

When they were not on the field they were in the bar,the dialogue throughout the movie has got to go down on record as some of the worst ever written.

Shame on you Artie Lange, you give fat losers a bad name 🙂




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