Red Dawn (2012) Movie review; No real suspense

It’s a great idea for a movie having America invaded by North Korea,visually it makes you lick your lips when the parachutes start falling from the sky, this I am afraid is where the praise stops,a pack of young kids start to rebel against the invasion which is believable, just not the way they made it seem in this movie, the director / writer messed up in this department,when the kids were setting off bombs and traps no one ever questioned their suspicious behaviour….. not until it was too late.

Chris Hemsworth is not too bad at playing one of the leads,his character is likeable,the rest of the casting is a bit shoddy if I am honest,I don’t know if it was just bad dialogue or bad acting.

There was a movie made in 1991 called Toy soldiers,a group of terrorists take over a school, similar to this film the kids start to fight back, but in Toy soldiers they created a lot of suspense and tension,I think this was down to the bad guys coming across as evil and the kids being brave but not turning into Rambo over night,Red Dawn means well but there is no brain or realism to the story or action.



3 thoughts on “Red Dawn (2012) Movie review; No real suspense”

  1. I was wondering why they bothering making this in the first place, perhaps to cash in on Hemsworth’s being Thor and the lad from Hunger Games. It seems to be the case.

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