Floyd Patterson:The fighting life of boxings invisible champion.(2012) Book review; captivating story about a true gentleman

Everybody always refers to Muhammad Ali when they talk about the greatest,I have to be honest and say I knew nothing of Mr Patterson’s career before picking up this book but now I am filled with knowledge and I guess more wisdom,it sounds strange but Floyd really was a champion in and out of the ring, he held back his emotions towards racist groups of his day and showed a level of class towards everybody, regardless of their background or beliefs.

If ever there was a man who proved that manners make the man Floyd would win first prize,that said he would probably be too humble to accept the award,he shared meetings with all the political figures of his day, including the president of the United states and musical legends such as Frank Sinatra.

The thing I like about the book is the story behind the man, Ali has a ton of stories about what he said or a scene he created,Floyd is the opposite, he is the master of keeping his cool and more of a thoughtful / sensitive man who chooses to keep his dignity in the face of confrontation,there are many occasions in the book when I felt myself yelling on behalf of Floyd, but when the dust has settled you realise that the man keeps his cool and is one of the most genuine characters to ever face the lights and camera’s of the world,added to this he also had a big heart,notably after Sonny Liston lost his world title, Floyd went and found Sonny in an empty changing room after the fight,boxing fans only showed negative emotions towards Sonny and was even nicknamed the ”Big gorilla”,Floyd went and consoled the defeated champion and offered words of encouragement to a man who had been demonised by the worlds press.

Floyd is the first fighter to ever win back the world heavyweight title,up until then every heavy weight had always failed to get back on top once they had lost their belt.

I would recommend this book to non boxing fans as well as boxing fans,his life story is interesting and I found it very inspiring.




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