The conversation (1974) Movie review: I enjoyed this more than the Godfather!

Francis ford Coppola will always been known for the Godfather,well I don’t really rate that film,I find myself falling asleep every time I attempt to watch it,having watched an interview recently on the Howard stern show I was amazed how proud he was of a movie I have never seen: The conversation.

You could see his eyes light up at the mention of this film,he also fought to make the film for a long time so I plugged in and expected lots of silent moments matched with moments of drama,I was wrong….

Gene Hackman in The Conversation

Gene Hackman play a man who spies on people,this mainly includes him recording ” conversations” but this story teases you with what you think is a simple plot but instead begins to build into something interesting.

Gene was to later play a role very similar in Will Smiths Enemy of the state,there is not a chance in hell that the director of that film wasn’t a fan of the conversation.

Also nice to see a very young Harrison Ford…

I recommend this film to the real film fans,it’s not a blockbuster but more of a film that if you give your complete time and attention you will be paid off with what is a unique film that I found enjoyable.




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