Chasing Mavericks (2012) Movie review:What should have been a cool film,turns into a Karate kid movie

I had no idea that this movie was a true story until the end credits rolled up, Jay Moriarity is played by Jonny Weston, both of these names are new to me but my early conclusion is that Jay was an inspiration to people inside and out of surfing and Jonny Weston can’t act!

At times Jonny Weston looks almost mentally challenged when trying show emotion in his face, happy or sad the boy just made me want to call his doctor and make sure that last test came back ALL clear.

The Director of the movie (Michael Apted)  deserves to be shot,the basis of this story is of a boy who suffers at the hands of his poor upbringing which is only matched by his mothers poor choice in step fathers,with all his trouble he manages to find joy in surfing and takes his skill level to the extreme,this director decides to take a cool story and turn it into the Karate kid,the dialogue is so cheesy at times it creates an urge to turn the movie off.

Gerard Butler plays Mr Miagee, his character makes little sense,he plays a veteran surfer with a wild streak who is super keen on discipline,health and safety…. and writing letters.

I hope someone remakes this movie in the future and produces a bit of justice to the man in question!



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