The Evil Dead- 2013 Movie Review, The Evil is ruined

Somebody really needs to tie the Director down under torture circumstances and get the truth to what this movie was!  Was it a re-make, a re-boot, an upgrade, a waste of time? My guess it is was the latter. Again we’ve come to a place that didn’t need to be revisited in the first place. The original holds up pretty well all by its self. I’ve heard the Director say it’s a different story that entwined with the original with the idea of the two heroines coming together in the foreseeable future. That sounded like a great idea when the words came out his mouth. The only trouble being is the movie should not even be breathed in the same air as the original.

They try and fool you by giving the characters new dimensions this time around, the troubled teen needing divine intervention from her friends to kick a drug habit. Sound good in theory, but it seems she’s really not that fucked up, because when the shit goes down she seems more hyper than a five-year who drank 6 Red bulls, then again being raped by a tree sure might make the withdrawal process speed up. This movie just lost itself when the words were uttered about remaking it in the first place. Its treats the viewer with no respect at all, at the beginning they have to explain why the book comes to be what it is, with visuals that would barely raise an eyebrow on TV before the watershed. After they watched the opening scene the director decided it was pretty lame on the gore side, so he notched it up. They just did what all horror movie makers do today and just put on a gore porn-vest. The only time you really get scared through the whole movie is when all these 5 friends try and actually act. It comes to something when they’re all getting upstaged by a tree. I don’t want to spoil the end for anyone, but trust me when I say it’s one of the laziest endings I’ve witnessed.  It was like they were trying to pack forty minutes of story into ten, but by then I was happy for the slap dash, I could have probably trimmed another five off.


3 marks for that tree, best piece of acting this year by a piece of timber.



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