Welcome to the punch(2013) Movie review: Really bad and really BORING!

This is the type of movie that bores me beyond belief,a story about a super thief who is being chased by a cop who is living and working with his own problems as well as a power struggle within the police that you know relates to an inside man within the opening scenes.

The directors attempt to create an edgy thriller turns into a bad episode of the bill (UK TV drama) the dialogue is painful and the characters and story are so generic that my only reaction with twenty minutes on the clock was to turn off!

I kept going but I was now a detached viewer,I found myself asking; how such a poor piece of movie making could make it to our screens,the cast is strong, Mark Strong in fact,but the production is so lame that even this marvelous actor matched with James McAvoy’s talent could not save the show.

The pace of the film and the characters just do not work,the films leaves you with a real zero feeling.



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