A film with me in it (2008) Movie review; This was filmed on my street!!! – Raglan road Dublin

The only reason I watched this movie was because I recently moved into a new apartment and was told by a friendly neighbour that the street I am on is famous.

The street in question is ;- Raglan road in Dublin,I was informed that there is  a famous song about the road sung by Luke Kelly, the owner of Ryan air lives across the way and ….. this titled movie was filmed three doors down!

As a movie enthusiast I can tell you it took me all of one hour to download this unheard movie,when the opening of film kicks off I instantly recognised the house just a few yards away,I felt a feeling of unwarranted achievement,as I had chosen to live in such an iconic flat which was surrounded in history and film, in reality the price was good and it was within the city limits.

My excitement soon died down after the first opening scenes of the movie,Keith Allen and Dylan Moran do a decent job acting wise but the story and delivery of this film just falls flat,there were moments when you think it might have something but then they spoil what could have been scene building with quirky off the wall comedy which squashes any true tempo or interest in the film.

I have made a vow to make sure that all my apartments in the future hold some significance when it comes to the movies,I am not sure how I will afford to live on Wall street, but if it ever happens I will be sure to quote this post in the New yorker! 🙂



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