Jack Reacher(2013) Movie review; This movies tastes good with popcorn

This film is not half bad,I was expecting mission impossible meets top gun based on the title of the film but instead enjoyed an action packed thriller.

Without giving the plot away the police are chasing a killer,once they have found their man the only person he wishes to speak to… is… wait for it…..JACK REACHER!!!

This is where the twists and turns develop,Mr Mysterious,otherwise known as Jack Reacher, walks around like a real bad ass,this could come off as lame but the sarcastic dialogue saves the day,in the true style which originated with Clint Eastwood, Tom Cruise felt lucky when reading this script and manages to pull off this character .

Years ago I would look forward to a T’C movie, more recently I find myself being put off by him,with the scientology thing,Opera interview and reports of his controlling behaviour(media and relationships),not to mention a bag full of bad movies, I am happy to say that this is a decent film,it wont win any Oscars but it was just an entertaining ride of a movie, the type of movie Tom used to be known for.




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