Compliance (2012) Movie review;interesting concept for a film

Well you can imagine my disappointment when I realised this film wasn’t about the standards of the financial industry 😦

So a weirdo calls into a burger joint and pretends to be a police officer,I think this prank could work to a certain extent,I think initially you would obey if the officer on the phone sounded convincing,I just don’t buy that people would go as far they did in this movie,that said it’s based on true events…

The film is original and is interesting as you don’t know where its taking you,I think its more about what people are like when they have technology to hide behind,in this case its a mobile phone but you could also reference the nasty bite that comes out in people when they comment on YouTube, it seems people aren’t half as nice in society when there are no come backs.

I recommend this film



4 thoughts on “Compliance (2012) Movie review;interesting concept for a film”

  1. Yes I would imagine that when people work in these jobs they turn their brains off,that said I can’t believe they would not wake up to the fact that police officer would not phone up and ask you to do his job for him.

  2. I decided to watch this on your recommendation, but the situation made me sooooo uncomfortable that I had to turn it off. Too much brainless compliance to bear.

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