Movie 43 (2013) Movie review; I have not laughed so much since I saw ”Kentucky fried movie”

I love it when you watch a movie without knowing its genre or story,this film was such a nice surprise that I have jaw ache from the amount of times it made me laugh.

It’s basically several short stories made into one film,when a bunch of teens play a joke on each other to find ”MOVIE 43” they come across all these other short but in some cases hilarious movies.

The film is reminiscent of the Kentucky fried movie,the humour is dry and quite sick at times,I like that there are so many well-known stars in it who freely give themself to the humour and go along with the weirdness.

The stand out performers include,Stephen Merchant,Halle Berry,Hugh Jackman,Gerard Butler,Sean William Scott,Terrance Howard and Emma Stone.

IMBD has this rated as a 4 which I find remarkable,if it is not a big hit it will certainly become a cult classic as soon as TV networks get hold of it.

One of my favourite quotes from the film – Basketball Player #4: Coach, what you’re saying is, we just walk with the Lord.
Coach: The Lord did his part already! He made you black, he gave you a foot and a half dick! Dribble with that, motherfucker!




2 thoughts on “Movie 43 (2013) Movie review; I have not laughed so much since I saw ”Kentucky fried movie””

  1. This is the first positive review I’ve heard about this movie. I’m gonna have to check it out to see if becoming a father has weakend your judgement.

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