The Place Beyond the Pines(2013) Movie review; A unique treat that breaks the normal format of film!

I really enjoyed this movie on many levels,Ryan Gosling is handsomely distracting,someone of his looks should never  have been given this acting ability,(the world seems somewhat unfair),along with Drive I would put this up there with his best performance.

The movie plays out in two parts,the story is intriguing and mysterious without the need to show you road signs to each twist,I say twist in the sense of the way the story develops,if you have ever watched a film and thought I wonder if they did end happy in the end,well this movie is for you,you think you have arrived at the ending of the film but then comes the transfer of stars from Gosling to Bradley Cooper,it’s as if Ryan passes the baton onto Cooper,the level of acting does not drop off,it’s very easy to slag off actors for being poster boys but I have done a complete U-turn with regards to Coopers ability,it all started with the playbook movie and he has only got better in this feature.

A special mention must go to Australian Ben Mendelsohn,the man was born for the big screen,each time I see him my chair becomes more comfortable in the knowledge that as long as the script is decent the performance is going to be gold.

That’s enough man love from me for the day.



3 thoughts on “The Place Beyond the Pines(2013) Movie review; A unique treat that breaks the normal format of film!”

  1. Actually, the movie plays out in 3 parts. The last and most important part is that of the kids who are burdened by the legacy of their fathers’ past and have nowhere to go but to The Place Beyond The Pines 🙂

  2. The acting from everyone involved is great, but I found the story at the end to be the most disapointing. I get why Bradley Cooper’s kid ended up the way he
    did but the kid of Ryan Gosling’s character had a good stepfather and I never understood why he was impressed with him, when he is written as kind of a looser.
    I felt there was a lack of communication. That may have been the point of the story and it wasnt bad but personally it just disapointed me.

  3. I know what you are getting at but I think the message was hidden there at the end with the fact that that he didn’t have to follow his own Dads foot steps,thanks for your comments.

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