Bates Motel: TV Review (2013) – “That boy sure does love his mother”

Well, the end is near to a series that was quiet enjoyable at times. When it first started 10 weeks ago I thought it was so ostentatious it made me question if I was watching something from an MTV production. It had the feel of the first series of teen wolf when it first started, you just couldn’t find an ugly person anywhere. When one did eventually show up, they didn’t waste any time by killing him and throwing him in the lake. It seemed like anyone slightly less than an 8 stood very little chance in living in this modern up-take of Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho.

Apart from the people, the first thing you’re trying to work out at the beginning is what is going on with this Iconic Motel. Everything is as it was when it was set back in the seventies, the house decor still the same, the motel looks like it hasn’t been touched and they’ve even brought the same style of filming. Only this time they seemed to have been heavily invested by Apple, not Del Monte! Which would have made sense back in the 70’s as apples would have made for a great game of catch in a drab and dreary world. No, it’s the network company. At first it’s off putting, and then you start seeing all the other modern gadgets. Straight away I should have known after seeing white ear bud earphones something was out of place.

So yes, it’s a modern version with a retro feel where people are only allowed to have style and grace, but it really is worth a little time. The acting is clean and crisp and it is very well directed. Nothing has been spared either when it comes to the iconic house and motel, it’s as if it had been lifted from the movies of old and placed in 2013.

At first you just hope all beautiful people end up getting killed by the weirdly eccentric Norman, but come the end it’s a dream town, even if us average people would need a bag over our heads to make sure we would be seen for longer than a week in residence.

This season was a gentle beginning, the story is a simple warming of characters and some of their dark ways, time will tell if The Bates have more to offer. It’s one of those programmes you can see being well and truly over written.




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