West of Memphis: Documentary Review – The justice system well and truly screw up…Again!

West of Memphis poster.jpg

The documentary follows the case of three young boys murdered in quite brutal circumstances by three teenage boys.

I went into this with totally fresh eyes and ears, not knowing anything about the story as when it happened I was a wiper snapper myself without any care of media coverage of cases such as this.

When you start watching these programmes you are taken on a whirl wind of emotions. One minute you hating, then you feel guilty for being hatful, then you’re full of sorrow for the supposed murderers, then you’re back to hate. It’s a total tug of war and reminder why I tend to shy away from stories such as these. Why do I avoid such cases? Because you just lose every faith in any real justice service this word has to offer. The most of the hatred comes from the justice department, it’s not the first and sure will not be the last time the police and justice system well and truly screw up lives.

It helps when you getting backing from the public and from celebrities such as Peter Jackson, Eddie Vedder and Henry Rollins to get your case brought to the main stream and to make sure every micro fibre are unturned. Sometimes the police should just admit they are absolutely incompetent and ask a film maker for help, as they seem more in tune with the idiot that serve the public?

I couldn’t help but feel hollow at the end, because if the boys didn’t do it someone is walking free today after causing horrific consequences to the families of the three innocent boys who died on that day in 1994.




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